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The Golden Rock
with the Kyaik-htiyo-Pagoda

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31. Aug 11
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Kyaik-htiyo, overview-map

One of the most sacred places in Myanmar, the Kyaik-htiyo-pagoda is situated on the top of the Golden Rock, 1.100 m above Kyaikto in the Mon-state, approximately 60 km E of Bago.

The golden rock is a large boulder of granite, which is supported by an extremely small area of contact with the rock beneath. It seems to be just before falling down, but it has been lying there for hundreds of years already. The pagoda upon it is erected upon one hair of the Lord Buddha.

"Kyaik-htiyo" means "pagoda upon an hermit's head".

Golden Rock
Monks, Novices and Pilgrims
In the Rainy Season*
the Pilgrims' Path *
How heavy is the rock?
mountain with the golden rock
The Golden Rock up in the mountains, in the rising sun [2002].
the granite-block upon the edge area of contact
the granite boulder lies on an inclined plane [2004]
the area of contact is extremely small [2004]
the Golden Rock in the night the Golden Rock at dusk
the grounds are illuminated in the night [2002].
Such a good supply with electricity is still quite seldom in Myanmar. It is a sign for the importance of this sanctuary.
It seems that the Golden Rock could fall down at any moment [2004]
scaffolding around the Golden Rock
In 2001 the Golden Rock was newly gilded and the pagoda was renovated.
It is remarkable that they used scaffoldings made of steel pipes. Perhaps the advantage over bamboo was that the steel-scaffoldings need not lean against the Rock and so would not influence the stability.
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