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from right: M.Sc. Leif Ahme (project 2), M.Sc. Nazli Acar (project 1), Prof.Dr.E.Kuhn

N. Acar and L. Ahme are PhD-students in cooperation with Uni Huelva

Our current  research projects:

  1. Tribology of Complete biogenic greases (together with Prof.Dr.J.M. Franco)
  2. Structural degradation of lubricating greases (together with Prof.Dr.M.A. Delgado)

Two PhD-students from University of Huelva are guests for 3 month in our lab. Esperanza (left) investigates bio-greases and Adrain (right) investigates adhesives. Nazli (middle) introduce them in our lab.

Mr. Ahme during his experimental work in our lab. He works for his Master-thesis. The topic is: complete biogenic lubricating greases

Mr. Ahme will continue his research work after receiving his Master in a project at our lab. This research project is in collaboration with University of Hula (Prof. M.A.Delgado)

As every year Prof.Dr.J.M.Franco from University of Huelva (Spain) visited us to give lectures in Rheology (Master course) and to discus our common project.



We bought the new Friction Modul for our high-tech rheomter together with the University of Hamburg



With Prof.Jorge Seabra (University of Porto) at a Conference  on INTEGRITY, RELIABILITY and FAILURE




With Prof. Fleischer at uni Magdeburg in 2016


Rocio Gallego visited our lab for 3 month  to do tribological research with our tribometers.

Today she has successfully defended her Thesis at University of Huelva. Now we can say:

Dr. Rocio Gallego



(Dr.R.Gallego the 4th from left)


M.Sc. Nazli Ünal with Prof.E.Kuhn and Prof.B.Sankol after the successful defense of her Master-Thesis



Celebration of successful graduation to get the doctorate . More than 20 former PhD-students of our University came together to celebrate.


David Gonçalves (Uni Porto) and Prof.Kuhn at the 6th Intern.Conf. on Mechanics and Material and Design, Ponta Delgada 2015


Mrs. Nazli Ünal investigates different model greases to characterize the structure with optical measurement.

Frau Ünal


In December Dr. Ruben Sanchez from Huelva University gave lectures in Rheology

(Fundamentals and advanced rheology) inside the Master-course subject: Tribology.



Successful defense of the PhD-Thesis of Mr. M.Eng.M.Fiedler (Hamburg University of Appl.Sc) at the University of Huelva(Spain).

Fiedler-prom  Tribunal2014


Left Mr. Fiedler during his presentation

Right: Tribunal + supervisors.


Dr. L. Bastardo-Zambrano and Prof.Kuhn at the LUBMAT in Manchester 2014



In the next 4 years we will realise new research project that deals with the description of the energetic situation of grease lubricated systems and the investigation of complete biogenic greases (supported by the Ministry of Education and Research of Germany)


From April till June Mrs. Rocio Gallego (M.Sc) from University of Huelva will stay at our laboratory. She is a PhD-student (Prof. J.Franco) and will investigate some model substances at our tribometers to characterise the tribological behaviour. In addition Mrs. Gallego will engross her knowledge about the Energetical Approach of Tribology.

Rocio Gallego



Prof.Dr. José Maria Franco from University of Huelva (Spain) visited our Laboratory to give 3 lectures (Master course –  Tribology) about Fundamentals of Rheology, Rheology of Non-Newtonian Fluid and current research about Rheology of visco-elastical Lubricants.



In June 2013 IBERTRIB took place at University of Porto.

Prof.Dr.Delgado, Prof.Dr.Seabra (Organiser) and Prof.Dr.Kuhn